Where East Meets West

Acupuncture is a functional medicine born in Asia several thousands years ago. As human culture evolves, so does this medicine. Its traditional language talks about energy and channels and balance, while in a modern world, we discuss nerves and blood vessels and hormones. Needles inserted at various points interact with our internal systems and engage natural healing processes. It is all based on the knowledge that our bodies heal, just as they breathe and digest. Of course, sometimes something gets in the way. That's when acupuncture comes in... to help the body remember, to calm the nervous system, to jump-start healing.

In the beginning, acupuncture was the medicine of the Emperor, a secret canon developed to support the vitality and longevity of the ruler and his family. Over the centuries, this knowledge was shared and eventually became a medicine of the people, with barefoot doctors tending to rural communities.

At The Center for Chinese Medicine, we honor this history by providing proactive and restorative care to everyday people while acknowledging the Emperor in each of us. To make this possible, we offer three options for treatment.

Private acupuncture is a one-on-one treatment with your acupuncturist in a private room. This is recommended for those with particularly complicated conditions, those who need more privacy for comfort, and those that might benefit from some of the more time-consuming therapies, like cupping or gua sha. Private treatments cost $80.

Community acupuncture is treatment in a group setting, where an acupuncturist visits you at your recliner for a short discussion of your symptoms, inserts needles, and moves to the next chair. This is a great option for those who need more frequent treatments, those who enjoy a community setting, and those who benefit from treatment but can't fit private sessions into their budget. Treatments in the Community Room cost $40.

Free clinics are hosted for certain under-served, in-need groups in our community. These typically focus on auricular (ear) acupuncture, using treatment protocols developed to address generalized conditions.

Don't know which is right for you? Contact us and we'll steer you in the right direction.

New to acupuncture? Click here for What to Expect at your first appointment.